photoHi! I’m Chloe, a 23-year-old Irish girl with a lot of book recommendations to share, and since this “Corona virus” thing began, a lot of free time. I’m especially interested in contemporary books by 20-somethings and Irish books, and other areas of interest are feminism/social justice, history, and politics – but I’m open to anything. Since most of my content is book-related, I’m always on the lookout for recs and would love to hear what you’re reading lately! Please feel free to say hello in the comments πŸ™‚

I’m not sure what people usually want to read in an About section, so I’ll just share a few facts about myself:

  • I am studying for a Master’s in Marketing and have a degree in Languages. The highlight of my undergrad degree was probably my year spent studying in France. It was a great way to meet cool people, explore a beautiful part of the country, and learn about other cultures. And yes, for those of you who haven’t done it, studying in the land of Moliere, Chanel and Versailles is every bit as classy as it sounds. I drank several bottles of €2 wine every week, frequented an underground night club with stripper poles on all the podiums, and prepared fine cuisine using the 1 gas ring in the kitchen I shared with 35 people. La vie est belle!


  • I love travelling and visiting new places, especially quirky or off-the-beaten track destinations. I am an extreme budgeter (a friend said I should launch a blog called “$100 weddings”) and so I love budget travelling. The people you meet, the authentic, local establishments you visit, the sweet, sweet money saved… One of my proudest accomplishments in life is planning a 2-week trip for only €200 (flights and accommodation included).


  • I have 2 very spoiled dogs and love animals of all kinds. I try to keep up-to-date with environmental issues and volunteer for causes when I can. My favourite animal is the Red Panda – it’s unbelievably cute, and only comes out of its den to look for food or to find a mate. This is something we can all relate to.


  • My most recent job was interning with Lonely Planet – I know what you’re thinking, a book blogger and humanities grad whose idea of stress is writing about museums? Snowflake ain’t worked a day in her life! Nah, you’re wrong – I have known the wrath of MANY a Karen. One summer in college I worked 2 jobs, direct sales and retail, from 9 to 9 each day, often weekends too (yes, I needed money that badly). I fended off lascivious farmers who said they’d buy my product if I went for a drink with them. I cleaned human excrement from the floor of a fitting room. I had a customer throw trash at me for no apparent reason. I can just assume she hated me because I was so beautiful in my store-regulation shoes and jacket. I rose above it and went on to intern in a recruitment agency, temp in an office which coordinated interpreters for emergency situations (the things I overheard were juicy), and be a tour guide in a historic prison. Yup, my working life has been colourful.

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